Earth Spirituality

“Attention to the needs of the dear neighbor is not new to us. We have been hearing this call for hundreds of years. Now, however, we are realizing, ever more deeply that our neighbors are the whole Earth community–exquisitely beautiful, abundantly generous, rightfully wounded, and desperate for the human to reconnect with the web of life before it is too late. We acknowledge that there is a great deal that we are doing, and even so we are being invited into a new way of being, knowing that we are always called to MORE.”

from Earth Spirituality: Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet (

Learn more about the Global Catholic Climate Movement in the video (by clicking on the picture or title), a movement of almost 100 Catholic organizations, including the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

Have you taken time this Lent to experience the guides for group prayer and personal reflection from the Congregational website?

Lenten peace,

Mary Kay


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