St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us.

Prayer for those looking for work.

O Saint Joseph, you are the patron oSt. Joseph CSJ Chapelf workers. We pray to you for people looking for work. Help those who in need to find employment so that they may earn a wage worthy of their efforts. May they use their energy and talent in the service of their brothers and sisters.

You are the patron of families. We pray asking your help for those with children to feed and educate. May they have the necessary resources to care for those entrusted to them.

Dear St. Joseph, have pity on our brothers and sisters held in poverty because of illness or social disorder. May each person have the joy of contributing, according to his or her ability, to the common prosperity by earning a living. Inspire governments, business leaders and all those responsible for initiatives and just solutions to work for the benefit of all. Help us profit together from the abundant blessings that God has given us. Help us assist countries less fortunate than our own.

Prayer found at the statue of St. Joseph in the cathedral in Le Puy, France.

Translated and adapted by Sr. Kate Filla


4 thoughts on “St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us.

    • This specific prayer was translated and adapted from one of our landmarks at our founding location in LePuy. Liturgist Mary Kay Christian keeps our blog rolling. Thanks for visiting.

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