Wisps of Glory

Maya Angelou“Everybody born comes from the Creator trailing wisps of glory. We come from the Creator with creativity. I think that each one of us is born with creativity.”

~Maya Angelou~

Today the world lost a woman of prophetic vision and a voice “trailing wisps of glory from the Creator,”  poet Maya Angelou.  As I reflect upon her legacy to our country and to the world, I am reminded by her words of the indwelling creative energy of God.  Honoring her memory, let’s take a moment to search within for “wisps of glory from the Creator” and commit to sharing our own precious unique gifts with the world.

We sometimes think of great artists, musicians, writers and poets as a breed apart from the rest of us. The wild Bohemian lives of the great artists and inventors throughout time has been a curiosity and even threatening to others less creative and free-spirited. But they are the people who remind us of what we knew as children. They are still aware of the presence of the Holy Creative Spirit dwelling within each of us. Those who have the ability to reveal the unseen, eternal truth, people like DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Monet and Matisse, Shakespeare and even Suess open the door between heaven and earth allowing us to experience the Divine in our midst and within each person.

So, I believe it is of the greatest importance to nurture and promote creativity in our own lives and in the our world. In order for us to grow in our spiritual lives, we must feed our spirits and develop our own creative abilities. Perhaps it is in pursuing a hobby like knitting, cooking, wood-working, journaling, music or art. Each of us needs to build time into our lives to fully explore the talents and abilities God has given us so we can become most fully the person we were created to be. Another way to feed our spirits is to enjoy the art, music and poetry of those “wild Bohemians” who are compelled by their gifts to share them with the world.  We can re-discover awe and amazement enjoying time in our garden or playing on the floor with our children and grand-children. We don’t need to be Mozarts or Picassos, indeed God has a different plan, and usually a much less dramatic one, for each of us. But in deepening our awareness of the value of creativity we each participate a little more fully in cooperation with God in the ongoing process of Creation.

Christ’s peace,

Mary Kay


2 thoughts on “Wisps of Glory

  1. Thanks Mary Kay … you are a woman who shares her creativity with you music and words especially through the Advent and Lenten seasons. Love, Murph

  2. Mary Kay, Such a beautiful and inspiring reflection !!! Very encouraging !!!
    Thank you !!! S. Sharon

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