Discover Your Inner Irish


Another great guest post by Kimberly Schneider on our Countdown to the Celtic Soul Experience on March 7 & 8.

As St. Patrick’s Day grows closer, are you tapping into your inner Irish?

Maybe you’re thinking about wearing green.  Or eating corned beef and cabbage.  Or listening to Irish music.

I’ve studied Celtic Spirituality for nearly twenty years, and every St. Patrick’s Day I find myself pondering my “Celtic mutt” heritage (Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English and the black forest region of Germany) and asking: what does it really mean to be a Celt? What does it mean to be Irish?

There are many ways to answer this question.   For me, one of the most profound aspects of Irish and Celtic cosmology is the awareness that the Otherworld is not some far away place.  It is right here.  Accessible to us in every breath.

In western Ireland, the Otherworld is an ever-present part of the landscape.  You can feel it.  Goddesses and Saints clamor around you as you peer into an ancient well.  The Sidhe (faerie folk) lurk in the hazel grove.   The bones of your ancestors and their amphibious progenitors sing to you as you hike the rocky hills of The Burren.  And the Old ones whisper from the misty horizon as you gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean, lying on your belly at the cliff face on Dun Aengus.

But the Otherworld isn’t only in Ireland.  It is everywhere.

So wherever you are on this St. Patrick’s Day, put out your hands, open your heart and feel the energy of your ancestors and beloved dead.  They are with you.

The Otherworld is with you.  Your God, your Source, is with you.   In the sky turning rosy pink as the earth reaches for a new day.  In the birds chirping to celebrate spring.  In the song in your heart.  In the breath that you are taking right now.

Before you, behind, you, above you, below you.  In you, and all around you.

2013 Kimberly V. Schneider


Kimberly has studied, taught and written about Celtic spirituality for decades.  She facilitates classes, retreats and ceremonies at sacred spaces in the U.S. and Ireland, helping modern seekers find fresh relevance in the wisdom of the ancient Celts.  On March 8, she will be co-facilitating a Celtic Spirituality retreat at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Motherhouse in St. Louis with Irish singing/songwriting brothers Owen and Moley O’Suilleabhain. 


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