Catch a Falling Star

clover in the hand

A guest post by Kimberly Schneider. 

Once in awhile, I am lucky enough to be reminded of who I really am.

One late summer evening, cool breezes called me outside.  I spread a blanket on the grass and lay down to gaze up at the sky. Almost as soon as I looked up, a blazing bright shooting star streaked across my field of vision, as if to welcome me back to nature.  And as I relaxed into the ground, I felt the earth envelop and hold me.  My consciousness sank back into my body.  Once again, I knew my place on this earth. I remembered a song refrain from one of my favorite movies (Love Actually):

Catch a falling star and

put it in your pocket;

save it for a rainy day.

Catch a falling star and

put it in your pocket;

Never let it fade away.

In other words, be fully present to the bright passing moments of your life.  When you show up for them and let yourself feel their enormity, you can “put them in your pocket” and draw upon them again and again. I know this works because every morning I go back to Ireland’s western shore during my prayer and meditation time—even though my feet are firmly planted in St. Louis.

Facing east, I feel the clean Atlantic air on my face and I breathe in the lavish, luminescent, lusciousness of the rainbow that sprawls across the sky.

Facing south, I feel the sun breaking out of the clouds to warm my face and I look out over thatched cottages and sleepy cows now stirring in the small village on Galway Bay.

Facing west, I stretch my face over the cliffs at Dun Aengus or feel the spray of the sea as I look out over the back of the ferry bringing me home from the Aran Islands.

Facing north I send my consciousness into the ancient limestone of the Burren and I feel the whispers of the ancestors living in my blood and bone.

Facing center I surrender all my ego’s hopes and fears to the wisdom of the Divine Consciousness that moves and breathes in my life.

With Christ before me, behind me, above me, below me, within me and all around me, I begin my day—having awakened that bit of Eire that lives in me.

I love pulling a “shooting star” in the form of Ireland out of my pocket every day.

2013 Kimberly V. Schneider


Kimberly has studied, taught and written about Celtic spirituality for decades.  She facilitates classes, retreats and ceremonies at sacred spaces in the U.S. and Ireland, helping modern seekers find fresh relevance in the wisdom of the ancient Celts.  On March 8, she will be co-facilitating a Celtic Spirituality retreat at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Motherhouse in St. Louis with Irish singing/songwriting brothers Owen and Moley O’Suilleabhain. 




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