All Saints Day

Happy Feast Day! Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ sums up what this day means for us in Friends of God and Prophets:

“Together the living form with the dead one community of memory and hope, a holy people touched with the fire of the Spirit, summoned to go forth as companions bringing the face of divine compassion into everyday life and the great struggles of history, wrestling with evil, and delighting even now when fragments of justice, peace, and healing gain however small a foothold. When they are seen together with the whole natural world as a dynamic, sacred community of the most amazing richness and complexity, then the symbol of the communion of saints reaches its fullness as a symbol of effective presence and action of Holy Wisdom herself.” –

The artwork is Brother Mickey McGrath’sCommunion of Saints - McGrath


2 thoughts on “All Saints Day

  1. Absolutely love the many postings you present. What a great way to start the day!! Love the thought provoking messages.
    God Bless you and all

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