A Prayer for Pope Francis

Pope FrancisIt was most striking to me when our new pope, Francis, stepped out onto the balcony, he humbly asked for our prayers for him.  Before he felt worthy to give us his first blessing as our new shepherd, he made sure we know the Church, can and must pray for and with our leaders.  We, the People of God,were asked to call upon the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance.  So before all the Papal fanfare and ceremonies begin on Tuesday, the day we celebrate our Patron, St. Joseph, let’s all take a moment to say a prayer for our new Pope and a new era for the Church.  Here is a prayer from the Roman Missal.  Or you may want to choose another prayer that better fits your own spirituality.

“O God, shepherd and ruler of all the faithful,
Look favorably on your servant Francis
Whom you have set at the head of your Church as her shepherd;
Grant, we pray, that by word and example
He may be of service to those over whom he presides
So that, together with the flock entrusted to his care,
He may come to everlasting life.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
One God, for ever and ever.”

(from the Roman Missal)

In prayer,

Mary Kay


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