Give Us Living Water

No trip to Notre Dame University’s campus is complete for me until I visit one of my favorite pieces of art.  It is the statue of Jesus and the Woman at the well.  I am reminded today how this woman, going about her daily chores suddenly encounters the presence of Christ.  For a brief moment she enjoys the intimate friendship of the one who brings the Good News of God’s eternal mercy and love.  

To her amazement, Jesus knows and understands her. It is immediately clear he knows her faults and failings yet he still seeks her company and treats her with dignity and care. Her heart is opened and she her life is forever changed.  She feels compelled to share her conversion experience with everyone she knows.

Let’s look for Jesus today in our daily lives.   Let us pause to enjoy companionship with Jesus and be refreshed at the well of living water.  

And then pass it on…

Mary KayImage


3 thoughts on “Give Us Living Water

  1. Your words create a wonderful blending of the scripture passage and the scene in the sculpture – which is one of my favorites also. I was very moved when I first saw the sculpture one summer in the 1980s. What a wonderful memory – and meditation by you – thank you for jogging my memory. – Jackie Power, CSJ- Albany, NY Province)

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