Sweetness and Light

MP900227554 (2)

In the Gospel from the Second Sunday of Lent, we hear the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Sinai witnessed by Peter, James and John. It was a brief moment when the apostles experienced the beauty and power of the real essence of who Jesus was: true God and true man. For just a little while, time stood still and everything was so clear, so hope-filled, so beautiful. The world was good and everything was in its place. And they knew that being in the presence of the Christ meant to experience the fullness of life. All sweetness and light.

But it would be a short-lived moment. Coming back down the mountain, back down to earth, they would soon encounter again a broken world, conflict, discord, sickness, violence and death. So what did that brief moment of sunshine and peace really matter? I think it made all the difference between hope and despair for them. For once we truly encounter the saving love of God for us, for the world, we are never again the same. We hold a little piece of “all-sweetness-and-light” in our hearts. Our mission then becomes sharing that true consolation and unconditional love with the Dear Neighbor and the world.

Pass it on,
Mary Kay


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