Let Go and Let God…

© Knips | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Knips | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

Sue Monk Kidd reflects upon her realization that clinging to things of this life, whether they are precious possessions and relationships or past pain and hardship has a withering effect on our souls in her memoir, When the Heart Waits. Only in the process of letting go in order to be open to God at work in us can we grow spiritually.

One year I decided to plant English ivy as a border around my flower garden. I dipped the small vines in some pH-balanced enzyme powder and planted them around the flowers. Some weeks later the ivy had grown into a small jungle, clinging around the flower stems and causing the blooms to shrink and shrivel. Standing over my flower, I understood the deadly effect of clinging.

Now I was beginning to understand its effect on the spiritual life. Clinging creates a shrinking within the soul, a shrinking of possibility and growth.

Let go and trust in God’s saving grace,
Mary Kay


One thought on “Let Go and Let God…

  1. when I find myself clinging to what is business-as-usual there is often little room for Spirit to be new! Last night I went to a part of St. Louis that is far out of my comfort zone. The streets were still icy and unclear, the houses dark and when we finally came to the address there was an ambulance blocking the road. I could feel my body tense – no way “out”. Within minutes all was well, we slid into a parking space and nervously approached the door, not one light on that we could see and no sign saying this really was Organization For Black Struggles. Breathe. Open door – to light, greetings of welcome and “let’s find you a place to sit, have some goodies” – warmth and what a delightful surprise to watch the film “Shirley Chisholm – unbought and unbossed” – learned much about history in 1972, and about courage, perseverance…and what if I’d stayed home, warm in my chair, not venturing out, clinging to what I know is safe? would have missed out, for sure!

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